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You want worthwhile advice specific to your individual financial situation and your vision of life. You need to trust that your wealth manager is acting in your best interest and making the right moves in the market, so you don’t suffer sleepless nights. By combining this sense for your individual financial situation with a total respect for your ideas and values, we do everything we can to ensure that you never have to worry about whether you’ve made the right choice.

Wealth management – a continuous dialog

What is really important to you?

As financial advisors, we are obliged to take our time and get to know you and your personal situation – and to find out what is really important to you. Ideally, this process starts with a personal conversation. We use a carefully worked out methodology that helps us understand the “big picture” of your investment personality and your individual financial needs. Sustainable, long-term investment solutions have to be focused on your individual needs and ideas, so a careful assessment is always required before we can develop an individual investment solution.

"We try to understand the big picture. We are prepared to take responsibility."

Fritz Kaiser

Life changes, which is why individualized wealth management has to be a continuously developing process. We regularly reassess, fine-tune or readjust your investment strategy with you with the goal to ensure a successful financial future.

Responsible Investing

Do good while making money

At Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors, individual wealth management solutions go a step further. We follow an investment philosophy that we call Responsible Investing. As a member of the Kaiser Partner Group, we believe that wealthy people have the opportunity to make a difference and do good while making money. Responsible Investing helps them do this by combining four factors:

  • Integrating personal (non-financial) values into the design and execution of the investment strategy
  • Focusing on wealth protection
  • Integrating the drivers of global change
  • Incorporating ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria into the investment selection process

Responsible Investing gives you the opportunity to create a positive impact and at the same time ensure that you are on the right side of global change. For more information, please visit the service page on Responsible Investing.

Client relationship model

Asset management agreement as fundament

For serving you in a comprehensible way, we act on the basis of an asset management agreement. As your financial advisor, we manage the relationship with your custodian bank. While we share the same values with the Liechtenstein-based Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG, we also collaborate with other custodian banks of your trust.

Becoming a Client

Six easy steps to becoming a client of Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors