Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors Ltd. helps wealthy individuals and families from the US, or with ties to the US, to safeguard their assets in Switzerland.


Serving US-clients in the US and abroad

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Heritage dates back to 1931

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Our Company

Our History

Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors Ltd. is an SEC-registered asset management company which provides Wealth Management services to clients in the United States of America or with ties to the U.S. The company has US-specific know-how, especially when it comes to tax-efficient investing and reporting. The specialists of Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors Ltd. cover a wide range of services from investment advisory and management to general relationship management.

The Group

Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors Ltd, established in 2009, is a subsidiary of Kaiser Partner Privatbank AG with its roots in Vaduz since 1977. With about 75 employees throughout both entities,  we serve clients in over 20 countries.

Our Location

The Benefits of Switzerland

Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors is based in Zurich, Switzerland. Situated in the middle of Europe, this country is nearer than you might expect. Thanks to Zurich’s international airport, it’s easy to reach as a stopover on your trip to the Near or Middle East or as a staging post while travelling in Europe.

The central position in Europe also means that Swiss financial companies can do business around the globe – from the Americas to Asia – on the same day. Switzerland’s economic and political stability is second to none. Its liberal democratic system is one of the oldest in the world, and its transparent financial policy delivers a low public deficit and low taxes. This also explains the consistent stability of its currency, the Swiss franc, which has appreciated considerably since the early 1970s against the US dollar, for example.

Choosing Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors as your offshore asset manager can help you hedge your assets against developments that adversely affect the US economy or currency.

Wealth Table

Your think-tank for wealth

In times of global change, wealthy people have a lot of important questions to answer. Kaiser Partner brings all the experts round the table and works closely with you to find individual solutions for you. We call this the “Wealth Table”. Together, we navigate your wealth through an increasingly complex world, and help you shape your life in accordance with your ideas and interests.


Your experts in protecting and growing wealth

Around 200 specialists from 20 countries work at various Kaiser Partner companies. Use our overview to find your advisor or information about Kaiser Partner’s managers.