US Election Brief

The 2016 presidential election in the United States has entered the home straight. In a “US Election Brief”, Kaiser Partner’s investment experts shed some light on recent trends and explain what can be expected on election day. They take a look at the polls, mention some of the most important prediction sites – from Nate Silver’s “FiveThirtyEight” to David Rothschild’s “PredictWise” – and discuss the role of undecided voters.

How to position your portfolio

In line with numerous studies, Kaiser Partner’s experts don’t believe that the financial markets will be influenced too much either way by the election of a Democratic or Republican president. Betting on the immediate consequences of the US presidential election is more of a short-term gamble than a long-term investment.

However, the “US Election Brief” does provide some valuable insights for those who want to tailor their market exposure to the longer term impact of the election result. Kaiser Partner’s investment experts have analysed two sectors that should benefit from a Hillary Clinton win, and one sector that should profit if Donald Trump (unexpectedly) triumphs.

For more information please read our  “US-Election Brief”.

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