Responsible Investing

Do the right thing while making money

Our approach to Responsible Investing

Kaiser Partner believes that wealthy individuals really can make a difference and do good while making money. Whether you want to follow this route actively or passively, Kaiser Partner and its Responsible Investing philosophy let you shape your asset structures with the goal to meet your financial needs while remaining true to your personal values and ideas.

"Clients and their wealth should be successfully positioned on the right side of global change."

Fritz Kaiser

Basic steps to Responsible Investing

Define your values

The first step is to define your values. Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors then incorporates this information about personal values and your vision of life into an individual Wealth Management strategy.

Incorporate global developments

When identifying the appropriate investment opportunities for you, the investment managers at Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors constantly monitor the drivers of global change. They adjust your investment strategy where necessary to ensure you stay on the right side of global change.

Follow a long-term investment strategy

Responsible Investing, as a value-driven investment philosophy, concentrates on long-term profitability and sustainability while respecting your beliefs and values.

Investment management to match your values

Our in-house asset management team carefully screens the market and identifies investments that match both your financial needs and your values. You can also use the solid expertise of Kaiser Partner to help select an external asset manager capable of implementing your individual investment management strategy.

Monitor your financial and value-based performance

Measuring and reporting performance is an important part of Responsible Investing. But because traditional financial reporting methods are not enough on their own, Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors has also invested in techniques for monitoring extra financial criteria.

Becoming a Client

Six easy steps to becoming a client of Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors