Responsible Investing

We believe that wealthy clients really can make a difference.

Our Approach to Responsible Investing
Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors Ltd. believes that wealthy clients really can make a difference – by investing responsibly and sustainably while pursuing their personal values, ideas and goals. To accomplish that, you and us will jointly define your individual investment strategy. Thereafter we will diligently select suitable investments in order to constantly be in line with your expectations.

Follow a Long-Term Investment Strategy
Responsible investing, as a value-driven investment philosophy, focuses on sustainability and long-term profitability while respecting your beliefs and values.

Monitor Your Financial and Value-Based Performance
Measuring and reporting performance is an important part of our responsible investing approach. But because traditional financial reporting methods often do not meet the expectations of those wishing to invest responsibly, we will provide you with an extra report containing additional financial considerations.

We believe in putting our clients first

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