Asset Allocation

What suits your investment personality best

Asset allocation that follows your personality

Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors follows these typical asset allocation types to meet your investor personality:

Fixed income (conservative type)

The goal of this strategy is to preserve the value of your assets while profiting from a regular interest return and a very low risk. We avoid equities and concentrate on a mixture of bonds, short-term investments, convertible bonds and alternative investments.

  • Preservation of asset value
  • Very low risk
  • Regular interest returns
  • Bonds and short-term investments
  • Convertible bonds
  • Alternative investments
  • No equity investments

Income (conservative type – balanced type)

Aiming to generate long-term asset growth, this strategy focuses on low-risk interest returns and capital gains. We achieve this with the same asset mix as the “fixed income” strategy, plus a few careful equity investments.

  • Long-term asset growth
  • Low risk
  • Interest and dividend returns plus capital gains
  • Bonds and short-term investments
  • Convertible bonds
  • Alternative investments
  • A few equities

Balanced (balanced type)

If you want balanced long-term asset growth and can accept moderate risk, we advise this strategy. An increased share of equities – compared with the “income” strategy – results in increased earnings expectations.

  • Long-term balanced asset growth
  • Moderate risk
  • Interest and dividend returns plus capital gains
  • Bonds and short-term investments
  • Convertible bonds
  • Alternative investments
  • Increased share of equities

Capital gain (long-term type)

With a long-term investment strategy you can invest in instruments that are more volatile but that can potentially deliver greater returns from capital gains, interest and dividend payments.

  • High potential long-term asset growth
  • High volatility / higher risk
  • Returns from capital gains, plus interest and dividend payments
  • Bonds and short-term investments
  • Convertible bonds
  • Alternative investments
  • Higher share of equities

Core satellite approach

Protecting wealth – providing opportunity

During our advisory process, we discuss various strategies and then choose the appropriate one with you. We then work on a mix of financial investments that will translate this strategy into action. Our core satellite approach helps us build a structure that protects your wealth while providing opportunities.

The core element focuses on long-term holdings with a high level of security. Usually, wide diversification helps realize this goal. Our experts shape this central element by choosing assets across various currencies, industries and geographic areas. Focusing on stable long-term investments minimizes both the risk and the management costs involved.

The second element in this approach brings in smaller “satellites,” which have a higher risk/return ratio and are actively managed. These modules give the investor the chance to actively exploit opportunities created by the latest market developments.

As market trends, economic cycles, family situations and other circumstances change over time, so does the most effective way of managing your assets. We feel it is our responsibility as your trusted financial advisor to react flexibly to this challenge. A slight re-adjustment in your asset allocation might be enough, or we may have to take more time to discuss further alternatives. The important thing about our advisory approach is that it’s based on close dialog with you. It goes much further than simply setting up a portfolio.

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