Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors Ltd. helps affluent individuals and families from the US, or with ties to the US, to manage their assets in Switzerland.

Our Company

Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors Ltd.

supplies its services predominantly to US clients or clients with ties to the US

was registered with the SEC in 2009 as a registered investment adviser

was established in Zurich, Switzerland in 2009

abides by Swiss and US regulatory provisions as well as additional international standards

provides its clients with access to its global network of specialized partners

is a sound and solidly financed company

Why Us

Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors Ltd. provides you with precisely the services that you are looking for.

We manage your portfolio based on your needs. You want us to create your personalized portfolio strategy and to manage your portfolio according to your wishes, thereby generating profit for you. And this is exactly what we will do.

We will begin by getting to know you well and setting up your investor profile (goals, risk appetite, etc.). We will then analyze your (preexisting) portfolios to identify any weaknesses and inefficiencies, diversify your assets according to your needs, and provide you with meaningful reports about our assets and services. On top of that, you will have direct access to one of our client advisors, specifically dedicated to you.

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