Investment Strategies

Balancing Market Opportunities and Risks

Choosing the right investment strategies

Amid all the opportunities and risks presented by the financial markets, Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors helps you choose and implement an appropriate wealth management strategy. Based on a systematic analysis of your situation, we design a customized investment portfolio – perhaps focusing on European equities or international bonds, for example.


Analyzing your investor personality

Our systematic approach

We begin our personalized assessment with a well-structured investor personality analysis or investment suitability questionnaire. An investor’s personality can be mapped along three dimensions:

Investment goals

What do you expect from your asset investments? Income? Capital gains? Both? Or do you simply want to maintain value? There are various types of investors: A conservative investor focuses on asset protection and income generation, while a long-term investor is mainly interested in growing assets over the long run. The balanced investor is situated somewhere in between.

Risk tolerance

Your risk tolerance is determined by your personal circumstances, your economic situation and the level of risk you are willing to take on in order to secure a return. These rational, mostly external factors depend on your age, time until retirement, your need to generate regular income from your assets, other sources of income, etc. A fundamental question is how long, in theory, you could endure the loss of a portion of your assets.

Ability to cope with uncertainty

Whereas your risk tolerance is determined by external factors, your ability to cope with uncertainty is more of a psychological issue. If you lose sleep when your portfolio fluctuates over the short term, you might want to reduce fluctuations by adjusting your asset allocation.

Once you have established your financial personality, your financial advisor can help you create the appropriate asset allocation. From this point on, your Kaiser Partner Financial Advisors investment manager’s main job is to implement these decisions and, most importantly, continuously monitor the portfolio.

Becoming a Client

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