„Wealth Table“ – bringing the Experts together

Freedom and duty

Wealth brings opportunities and freedom, but also a duty to look after it. This is often easier said than done. In a rapidly changing world, the way to secure and grow wealth over the long term also changes. In addition to the experiences we have had and challenges we have already faced, new questions are being asked all the time. Some of these are urgent and important, but often we simply don’t have the time, or the right advisors, to deal properly with the sensitive issues that arise.

Sleep well and sweet dreams

Some questions keep people awake at night. What would happen if I suddenly died? Will my children, wife, partner really be taken care of? Is there anyone else I would like to leave things to? Who actually knows where all my assets and valuables are, and what they are worth? Have I made it clear what should happen if I need caring for and can no longer make my own decisions?

What is my tax situation? What kind of information will countries be able to exchange with each other, and from what date? Have I done everything by the book or could there be a big moment of reckoning ahead? How can I optimize my tax liability legally in the future?

Can I, must I protect my wealth? From whom? What options are there? Why set up a foundation or trust? Which country should I do this in and how exactly would this help me? When should I give my children rights over certain assets? How should I prepare them to take on the responsibility?

What’s the best way to organize my Wealth Management? Have I got the right bank? Have I got an accurate overview of finances and investments? How can I optimize risks and returns? How can I find interesting alternative investments? Who can advise me on property, art, or valuable old cars?

Group Genius

It is virtually impossible to master all the complex issues surrounding wealth on your own. When your wealth reaches a certain size, it makes sense to establish a Family Office that brings together all the relevant experts. You need partnerships with good wealth advisors and fair, well-qualified experts who can supply answers and develop solutions. Looking after significant wealth properly and ensuring it grows over the long term requires the right structure, and it requires people to maintain an overview, use opportunities, manage risks, and keep to the various rules. With our team of internal and external experts, we can do what’s possible with you and for you. We do this by bringing the right people to the table.

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